Professional Christmas Light Installation Services In San Diego

Get Lit specializes in both residential and commercial seasonal lighting installations. No matter how big or small the job, we take pride in creating a beautiful end product that’s sure to excite you and your family.

When you sign up for a professional light installation with us, we come to you prepared with everything needed to bring your vision to life, including:

  • Bulbs – Commercial-grade C7 LED bulbs
  • Cord – Sockets spaced evenly, 1-foot apart
  • Timers – Automatically set to whenever you’d like your lights to turn on and off
  • Extension Cords – In case outlets aren’t easily accessible
  • Plant Lights – For bushes, trees and anything else that needs decorating
  • Wreaths – Lush evergreen wreaths with red bows, available in 36″, 48″, and 60″

Why Hire Get Lit vs. The Average Joe?

Professional-grade Christmas lights can be an investment. We want to ensure you understand the total value you’ll receive during a Get Lit Seasonal Lighting job. Below are some of the ways we’re different from other installers you might see advertised on homemade signs on the side of the street.

You Paid For The Lights, You Own The Lights

  • Other installers might charge you for installation-only, then disappear (along with your lights) the next year. This leaves you crunched for time to find a new installer, which isn’t something you should have to worry about during the holidays. Here at Get Lit, you own the lights. While we can store them for you, we’re A-okay if you want to keep them during the off-season (because they’re yours!).

Get Lit Is Fully Insured

  • Protect your business or your home by only hiring fully insured installers should an accident occur due to Christmas lights.

We Replace The Equipment

  • Our 3-year warranty ensures that any issues you experience with your lights (burned out or broken bulbs or timers, etc.) will be replaced on our dime, not yours.

We Treat Your Home Like Our Own

  • We won’t leave staples or pieces of tape or packaging around when we’re done. We also tread carefully while on your roof to prevent any broken tiles.

We Won’t Go Radio Silent If You Call To Tell Us About A Broken Or Burned Out Bulb

  • We’ve heard the story all too many times. You pay for a professional job only to have a few lights go out, then have to play phone tag with your installer to get them to come out and fix it. When you call Get Lit, you’ll get the owner. Since we only work locally, it’s no big deal for us to speed over and fix your lights within a day or two.

We Like Getting On Your Roof (It’s Okay If You Don’t)

Still not convinced that a professional job is what you need? Scaling high rooflines isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Fill out a contact form to leave the ladders and heights up to us.

More About Residential Christmas Lights For Homeowners

Whether you’ve paid for professional-grade lights before, or this is your first time considering it, we’re sure you have some questions about the process. If that’s the case, we invite you to learn more about our residential Christmas light installation services.

More About Commercial Christmas Lights For Business Owners

Installing Christmas lights on a business comes with unique challenges. To get more information on what you can expect from a professional job with Get Lit, we invite you to learn more about our commercial Christmas light installation services.