Residential Christmas Light Installations


  1. Give us a call, text, or fill out a contact form to request a free estimate.
  2. Schedule an installation appointment that works for your schedule.
  3. Once the install is complete, we’ll do a walk through to count the number of feet to confirm final cost. Payment occurs after the walkthrough.
  4. Enjoy your lights! 
  5. Schedule an appointment for removal of your lights either during your installation or after the holidays.
  6. Get Lit will store your lights in a secure location during the off season.


  • When you call, text, or email we’ll ask for a few pictures of your home and your address.  Next, do a mock-up with our suggestions for which roof lines or trees to decorate.  We will provide an estimate packet containing pricing break down for you to pick and chose lighting areas/features to fit your budget.  


  • The professionals at Get Lit Seasonal Lighting will arrive at your home and take care of everything.  Installations start November 1st and continue through mid-December. Once the installation is complete we will do a walk through together to show off your home. 


  • We will work to keep your home shinning bright. Whether it be a broken bulb or fallen strand, Get Lit will be out to repair the issue within a 48 hours. Additionally, Get Lit will replace all lighting materials free for 3 years.  

Removal & Storage

  • After the holiday season Get Lit will arrive at your home to remove, label, and store your lights in a secure location until we hang them the following year.  You do not need to be home for the removal. 

Check out our 2019 Pricing Guide to find out what it cost to install your custom Christmas light creation.

Could Get Lit Be Right For Your Home?

Drop us a line or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you have questions about pricing, learn more about Christmas light installation prices.