What Does It Cost To Install Professional Christmas Lights?

Cost Is Calculated In Feet

The cost is calculated per foot of lights, plus any plants, trees, or wreaths. We will quote based on an estimated length of roofline (220′ + 180″ = average 200′).  Lights are installed every foot.  After the install we will count the number of lights to get the final price.

Oceanside, CA

Cost Increases With Roofline Complexity

The more complicated the roofline, the harder the job. Some areas are harder to access, while other areas are more difficult to run power to. We take both of these elements into consideration when providing cost estimates.

Cost Increases When Additional Decor Is Added

With every plant, tree, scrub, or wreath added so does the complexity of the job. We do our best to estimate cost per plant and consider the average amount of time based on our experience.

Cost After Install

Get Lit Seasonal Lighting charges about 2/3 of the total original price for subsequent years installation.

We’ll Work With Your Budget

Each personalized estimate package will show what Get Lit recommends for your home.  We will break down the price of roofline, trees, and wreaths for you to make sure it fits within budget.

We Provide Warranty & Subsequent Yearly Savings

We provide a 3-year warranty on your Christmas lights, meaning we’ll replace anything that breaks during those first 3 years (bulbs, timers, etc.). After the third year, the homeowner will be charged based on the necessary repairs. 

For More information check out our 2018 Pricing Guide.

If you have any questions about pricing please fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.