Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Customer Provide Their Own Lights?

No, we are full service from start to finish. We provide everything including lights, timers, extension cords, wreaths, storage bins. Everything is customized to the specific home or business.

What Does It Cost?

Price varies based on roofline, type of bulb, and color. Check out our 2019 Pricing Guide for more info.

What Do Estimates Cost?

Free! Email or text us a photo of your home and we will send you a free estimate with a mark up of your home with our suggestions.

San Diego, CA

Are You Insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Where Do You Buy Your Lighting Products?

We purchase from two national holiday lighting suppliers that produce commercial-grade lighting that will last multiple years.

Do You Hang Previously Owned Lights?

We do not hang lights that we did not provide and custom cut to your home or business. Installing another company’s lights or store-bought lights leads to unexpected maintenance issues and headaches. 

When Do You Remove The Lights?

We begin removals on January 2nd.  You do not need to be home for removal. Otherwise, request to have your lights up longer.

Will You Install My Inflatable Decorations?

We do not install a customer’s inflatable decorations.  

Do I Need To Store My Own Lights?

No. Once we remove the lights, we store them in totes and keep them in our secure facility.

Is The Price The Same Every Year?

The following years cost roughly two-thirds the price of the first year.

What Happens If A Bulb Goes Out?

Call and we will be out to fix it within 48 hours.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

We offer a three year warranty on our products.

What If I Want To Install Them Myself? Can You Help Me With Power?

Yes. If you plan to add other decorations that require a power source, let us know prior to the install and we can arrange cords and power to ensure things stay lit.

Still have questions? Fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you with answers within 24 hours.